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Private & Semi-Private Personal Training in Costa Mesa

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa

Personal Training

How good would it feel to finally have the body you want? Our Personal Training is all about helping you find success with a customized approach while also surrounding you with a great group of friends and supporters. See how our team of experts can help you look, feel, and perform at your best.

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa


We’re super excited that you’re here and ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle! You too can lose weight, regain your energy, boost your confidence, and get fit with our Kickstart Nutrition and Fitness Program!

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching program is providing you with every resource you need to succeed. We're proud to offer professional support and accountability on your journey to long-lasting results. Learn more today!

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa


My progress since I joined Recoup Personal Training… Down 29 pounds, lost 13.5% body fat and over 21 inches total! What a difference proper nutrition and exercise will have on the body. Never d...

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa


“Reaching my goal would mean that I will not be put into the box of old people.”⠀ A big shout out to Bridget who shows that making changes to your body and your health is absolutely possib...

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa


This woman is incredible! Angie lost 15 lbs of body fat, 13.5 inches and down a total of 8.2% body fat! What an amazing transformation for her 60th birthday! Here is what Angie had to say about her ex...

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa


Amazing results we all can see from the outside… but we all know the biggest transformation is on the inside . ⠀ The inner strength this journey gives you. The confidence. And not only the conf...

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa


An amazing physical and mental transformation! Here’s what Michael has to say about his progress: ⠀ “The bad eating habits that had little impact on my weight (160 – 170 lbs) during ...

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa


Down 20 lbs, reduced her bodyfat by 7% and lost her yo-yo dieting mentality! Here’s what Tam has to say about her transformation: ⠀ “Before joining Recoup’s nutrition program, my yo-...

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Recoup Personal Training

At Recoup Personal Training, our mission is to help our community feel confident in their bodies, move pain free and change their lives forever.

As a private exercise studio that specializes in personal training and customized nutrition, we offer time-tested results with over a decade of experience.

We understand how hard it is to take that first step. Whether it’s picking up the phone or walking through the front door, we promise to provide a safe, clean, and non-intimidating environment that’s an extension of our home.

Let us help you look and feel better than you ever have in your life.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

Request Your Free Consultation

We'll help clarify precisely where you want to go. Developing this kind of specific goal is a vital step.

Develop the Plan For Achieving Your Goal as Quickly as Possible

Otherwise, you can "spin your wheels" for months, or even years, and not make much progress. And that's a recipe for frustration.

Complete Your Fitness Assessment

Let's move forward with the plan that you feel comfortable and confident in proceeding with. In our professional opinion, this session is critical in allowing us to better understand your body and current abilities.


Learn About the Services Recoup Personal Training Offers

  • Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    Training at Recoup Personal Training will promote a healthy heart, a stronger body, and better endurance. Whether you choose to work out one-on-one with a personal trainer or take on our nutrition coaching program, you'll revolutionize your fitness and your life.

  • Resistance & Strength Training

    Resistance & Strength Training

    Everyone trains differently, but at Recoup Personal Training, we use proven methods for strengthening your mind and body. Get real results and feel better in everyday life when you join our squad and start training!

  • Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

    Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

    People sometimes think of strength training as a way to get hurt, but in reality, training intelligently actually reduces your risk of injury and keeps your body primed, fit, and ready to go!

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

    Nutrition & Weight Management

    There are a million different fad diets out there, but when it comes to getting real results, it's a lot more straightforward than you might think. Our team at Recoup Personal Training will help you get the fuel your body needs to produce real results.

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Personal Training near Costa Mesa

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