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Recoup exists to ensure every person we work with becomes stronger so that they can live a vibrant and youthful life.

Unlike other gyms that cost a lot of money and leave you with little results, Recoup delivers a comprehensive program to deliver long-term health and fitness results.

We care about helping men and women have more energy, desire and engagement in life.

Far too many people miss the opportunity to live a fulfilling life with joy and purpose.  We know that if you are stronger and can move pain-free, you will live a life worth dreaming about.

We refuse to settle for anything less than that for you!

Our team has a combined 25 years of experience and has supported over 3,500+ local residents in transforming their lives.

With over 100+ 5-star reviews on Google and 40+ 5-star reviews on Yelp, we've established ourselves in the Costa Mesa community and have been featured in the LA Times and on NBC 4.

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Reach out for a free consultation to discuss your fitness goals and craft a personalized fitness plan.


Develop a plan to HIT your goals

Work with our team post-consultation to establish a comprehensive, goal-specific fitness plan with realistic timelines.



Initiate your customized training with expert guidance, ongoing support, and plan adjustments for sustained fitness improvement.

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What we Provide


Personal Training

Imagine achieving your dream physique with our personalized training. Our approach is tailored to your needs, supported by a community that motivates and uplifts. Discover how our expert trainers can guide you to look, feel, and perform at your peak.
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Revitalize your fitness journey with Kickstart. Perfect for busy professionals, those new to exercise, and parents seeking a fitness revival, our program is designed to rewind the clock, boost your strength, and enhance your life satisfaction.

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Nutrition Coaching

Elevate your health with our comprehensive Nutrition Coaching. We offer expert guidance and relentless support, ensuring your path to nutritional success is clear and sustainable. Start your journey to lasting wellness with us today.

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Why does it matter who you work with?

At Recoup Personal Training, we believe that your journey to a healthier you begins with the right guidance and support. Who you choose to work with can make all the difference in achieving your health & fitness goals.

Personalized coaching

No two individuals are the same, and neither are their fitness journeys. We design personalized programs based on your unique needs and goals.

Community & Belonging

Join our amazing community of like-minded busy professionals, moms & dads, and individuals alike on a shared journey to a healthier you.

Ownership & Results

We keep you progressing so you can move better, feel better, get stronger and improve your overall health.

We're more than just Personal Trainers

We are Mattison, Stevie and Bo. Founders of Recoup Personal Training in Costa Mesa.

As health and wellness professionals, our mission is to educate and empower you to embrace a more healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

We are passionate about creating a simplistic approach to longevity so that you can feel confident in your body, move pain free and make lasting transformations. To meet the rest of our team, click here.