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Down 12.5 inches, 17lbs, and 6.8% body fat!

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Down 12.5 inches, 17lbs, and 6.8% body fat!

Jennifer definitely checked all the boxes on leaning out, getting stronger and feeling better!⠀

It's so amazing how small changes in one's daily rituals can lead to big results. We can't wait to see what the next phase of the LIFE program brings for our rock star client Jennifer! Keep it up Jen! ⠀

Read below what Jennifer has to say about joining the Recoup family:⠀

"I have always considered myself an active person and a healthy eater but continued to struggle with weight gain. ⠀

A lot of what has held me back from pushing myself further have been my own excuses of being “too busy”.⠀

When my fiancé joined Recoup’s training and nutrition program, I supported him 100% along the way but doubted my own self and hesitated to start with him.⠀

During the quarantine I decided there was no better time and availability to improve my lifestyle and replace my daily habits with those that are healthier.⠀

As much as I tried doing this on my own, I was unaware of how to do it properly and was still struggling to see results. I finally decided to follow my fiancé’s Iead and join Recoup’s program.⠀

Surprisingly to myself I was able to make time for both work and working out, and I learned that the nutrition program included a lot of the foods I eat on a usual basis. At first I didn’t picture myself being able to change my eating habits for good, and I only saw this as a temporary solution until I hit my goal. Since then I have realized this is not just another diet but a lifestyle.⠀

The team at Recoup has been the drive behind all of this for me. Matt, Stevie and Bo are more than just trainers at a gym, they are your life coaches and motivators who care about your personal goals and helping you achieve them.  The accountability and being able to prove to them I can accomplish this are really what have inspired me to be the better version of myself today. And who knew what a difference 17 pounds would make!!". - Jen. ⠀

Round of applause everyone for Jen! Absolutely unreal results.⠀


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