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8 Expert Tips to Getting Back on Track after a Holiday Week

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8 Expert Tips to Getting Back on Track after a Holiday Week

With Christmas and New year’s Eve around the corner, many of us have had more than just a few celebrations.. All good! It doesn’t happen often, so we might as well enjoy ourselves, right? 

Reaching your fitness and health goals while living your life to its fullest is what we’re all about here at RECOUP. But it does make getting back on track after a holiday week a little harder. Don’t worry, we have your back!

We know how you may be feeling today and we came prepared! 

Check out these 8 expert tips to getting back on track after a holiday week from our RECOUP personal trainer and health coaches. 

4 Tips from Stevie:

  1.  Throw away left overs. After the holidays it’s easy to keep snacking on all the yummy food that has been left behind. All the cookies, candies and savory food seem too good to throw away! However, having these items lingering around just make it harder to achieve your post holiday goals. Remember that you enjoyed all of these things with family and friends and now with a new year and new goals, it’s time to let the past go!   
  2.  Have an accountability plan/partner.  This one is major. Whether it’s with a trainer, a friend or an app, have a plan of how goals are going to be tracked. When anyone plans to lose weight and get back into shape, it’s really just a wish until they get their goals written down and tracked appropriately. Making weekly or bi weekly accountability goals, tracking them with measurements, photos or a scale will be the best motivator to keep you going. Seeing all the changes, even the small ones are so exciting!   
  3.  Be realistic.  When starting a new nutrition or workout regimen, be realistic about your goals and how you attain them. Often times starting a diet that is too restrictive or planning to workout 7 days a week will lead to burn out.  Modify where you can fit it in to YOUR lifestyle that you can maintain not just for a month, but hopefully long term.   Get out of the “I can’t” have that mentality    When we say we “can’t” have something or do something, we tend to... well, become rebellious. For example “I can’t have those cookies I love” may last a week or more, but the next time you do, it’s indulgent central and the whole box is eaten. 
  4.  Change the “I can’t” mentality to “I’m choosing not to right now.”   This gives you the power of permission when you want and avoids binge eating.

4 Tips from Bo:

  1. Commit to drinking water throughout the day. This simple act will help you to feel better and help flush your system.
  2. Eat something green at every meal. (And no, not green m&m’s!) Try to incorporate some type of vegetable into each of your meals for the extra vitamins and fiber.
  3. Physically walk into the gym. Sometimes the simple act of just going to the gym and walking through the door can make all the difference.
  4. Use the 10-minute rule. This cognitive behavioral therapy technique is a great remedy for procrastination, lack of motivation, etc. Set a goal of doing whatever it is you would otherwise avoid, but only do it for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes it’s so horrible that you have to stop, you are free to do so. Mission accomplished. Done. However, what most people find is that after 10 minutes of doing something, it’s easy to continue until the task is done. Setting the intention and starting is usually the hardest part. By thinking about the task as something that may take only 10 minutes, it feels much less overwhelming and a lot more doable. (And odds are you’ll last longer than 10 minutes…but don’t tell your brain that yet!)

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