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Amazing Testimonial By Recoup Member

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Amazing Testimonial By Recoup Member

Our goal here at Recoup is to provide our members with the best experiences from both a mental and physical standpoint. It is always rewarding to hear that our guidance has made significant improvements of the lives of our members. Our Recoup Member, Jason, shares his story which is so empowering and relatable in so many ways. Continue reading to hear what he has to say... 


"There is a future version of yourself that exists days, months, years, even decades from today.  If that version of yourself could speak to you in the NOW, would he/she ask you to mind your health?  Would he/she thank you for doing so? It was something I thought very hard on.  I saw a quote somewhere – “ If you don’t make time for your wellness .  . you’ll be forced to make time for your illness”.  I’ll admit, there are a nauseating amount of motivational quotes splayed across our field of vision on the regular, but for some reason this one stuck with me.  I think because it wasn’t using words or phrases like “in shape”, “exercise”, “fit” . .. but rather “wellness”.  Just being well . . . . the opposite of ill – feeling good as opposed to bad.  For whatever reason, this very general statement struck a chord and got me thinking. 


My fitness journey began in the beginning of November 2021, a mere 5 ½ months ago.   (NOTE:  Bo from Recoup casually referred to her own “fitness journey” in conversation with me once – I chuckled the first time hearing it but it is appropriate and I now often think about my own path this way - as a journey taken over time that suggests long term plans with no strictly defined destination)  A woman in my office was talking about losing weight and starting a diet.  She gave me the details of her plan, which basically included a regimen of shakes and bars delivered monthly in a box from some weight loss enterprise jostling for their share of the estimated 33 billion spent annually in this country on diet products and programs (seriously, look it up).    There was no doubt in my mind, I wanted IN on this plan.  I came home to my wife to tell her the great news - I’d be losing weight and getting healthier.  She naturally asked how I planned to do so, knowing I’ve made honest attempts at eating better and exercising countless times in the past.  Upon explaining to her what I intended to do with the meal replacements, her reaction was less than enthusiastic.  She kindly but firmly explained that the plan was unsustainable, overpriced, might work for maybe a month, impossible to stick to and included no plan to exercise.  As a counteroffer, and not wanting to squander my desire to get healthy, my wife suggested we reach out to a gym she had been eyeing every time she drove by (I’d only noticed the pizza place, Mexican restaurant and sushi place in the vicinity, to let you know a bit more about me).  She made an appointment for us to meet with Matt, one of the owners/trainers, which we did.  We liked what we saw, appreciated what we heard, and made a low pressure commitment to seeing what Recoup was all about for ourselves.  My journey was underway.


Why a personal trainer?  For me, it’s actually quite simple.  I want every bead of sweat to count.  I want every strain and grunt maximized.  If I’m going to exert myself physically, each and every exercise in each and every round on each and every day needs to be thought out, included for a purpose, individualized for my needs and my goals and my safety.  The only way to ensure this is with expert help.  Truly.   No amount of YouTube views or googling can replace the knowledge of a bonafide personal trainer.  Not to mention the very real possibility you hurt yourself.  Accountability is another strong benefit to having trainer.  This may not be the case for everyone, but for me, having a set time with a set trainer is tremendously essential.  I need that established routine to  assure I keep those exercise appointments and not find excuses to bail. 


In addition to the fitness program in the gym, I also take advantage of the diet and nutrition counseling Recoup offers – the Balanced Habits LIFE program beginning with the “Kickstart”. You may have heard  a bold statement, something to the effect, “80% of a successful workout routine is done with a knife and fork”.  Meaning, how and what you eat has an enormous, unavoidable impact on your health and fitness.  This, again, requires a guide – I’m convinced I would not get the same results attempting to navigate all the misinformation and pseudo-science out there pertaining to nutrition and diet without true expertise and understanding. From the outset, Stevie from Recoup set out to change how I view what I eat and my relationship with food.  The key, as I see it, really is the balance – to establish eating habits that are sustainable and  never leave you feeling repressed or empty.  Very quickly I realized “I can do this”.  Because I am also strength training, Stevie adapts my plan to fit (spoiler – protein is IMPORTANT), but almost every aspect is tailored for me personally.  There is no one size fits all and we are constantly adjusting and making tweaks to ensure I remain on the target path.  


So, as I see it, having a trainer for exercise and an adviser for diet are clearly invaluable. Why Recoup?   It’s just the furthest thing from your typical gym.  There is no intimidating feel to the gym.  The smell of sweat and socks don’t permeate the air.  There is no undercurrent of competition or aggressiveness to interfere with your focus.  There is only an encouraging, comfortable environment in which to exercise.  There is a diverse clientele from all walks of life – people at varying levels of fitness and capability.  Important factors for me and, I’d speculate, for most.  Had my wife not made that initial Recoup appointment, I’m certain I’d have given up on the shakes and bars 4 ½ months ago . . . ." 


If Jason's story resonates with you, please don't hesitate to reach out to our studio and ask us about our services. Our mission is to help change the lives of as many people as possible, and you could be next. 




Real People. Real Results.

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