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  • Revolutionize Healthy Foods Here at Recoup- Air Fryer Carrot Fries Recipe

    Revolutionize Healthy Foods Here at Recoup- Air Fryer Carrot Fries Recipe

    In the spirit of this week’s challenge of not eating “fried foods”, here is a delicious veggie side that will be devoured by kids and adults alike, you have to try air fryer carrot fries ! These crispy sticks are finished with grated parmesan for an irresistible bite. We LOVE carrots not only are they a filling and tasty snack, but they are also a great source of beta carotene. Beta carotene converts into vitamin A which we need for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, and for healthy skin and mucous membranes. They are also considered healthier than potatoes because they’re lower in calories. So next time you are craving ....

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  • 12 Self-Care Tips for Busy People - Don’t let your happiness take the backseat

    12 Self-Care Tips for Busy People - Don’t let your happiness take the backseat

    Have you ever found yourself filling everyone else’s cup while yours is empty? If this is you, you are not alone! When you’re busy and overwhelmed, it’s easy to berate yourself when things go awry. However, there’s no rule that says you must carry the weight of the world on your shoulders—in fact, in these moments, it’s important to take a step back, be kind to and take care of yourself. To find out what approaches work best, a group of Young Entrepreneur Council members—busy people by definition—recommended their easy tips for self-care. Here’s what they said: 1. Establish a morning self-care routine. Rather than ....

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  • Herbed Sourdough Stuffing Muffins Recipe

    Herbed Sourdough Stuffing Muffins Recipe

    When you think about Thanksgiving, which dish is your favorite? One of our favorites is stuffing! The salty, herby, and moist stuffing recipe we’re about to give you keeps you coming back for more… AND what is even more convenient about these muffins is that they are perfect for portion-control and sharing! Tips while making this recipe We recommend cutting your bread into 1 to 2-inch cubes. The smaller the pieces, the more moist your muffins will be and the better they’ll hold together. To dry out your cubes, we recommend placing them onto baking sheets and cooking for about 25 minutes at 250 degree F oven. Using a muffin tin liner ....

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  • 7 Delicious Swaps this Holiday Season

    7 Delicious Swaps this Holiday Season

    Did you know that the average American consumes approximately 3,000 calories at Thanksgiving? And while one day of indulging won’t knock you off course, being surrounded with leftovers for days (even weeks!) can challenge your fitness and nutrition goals. Not even to mention, weeks later you’ll be tempted by holiday cookies and sweets that can result in a few pounds sneaking up on you over the holiday season. We are here to help you make a few healthier swaps this holiday season with leftovers that will slash some of those extra calories and help prevent weight-gain during this food-filled time of year! Let’s take a look at Thanksgiving Classics ....

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  • 7 Surprising Sources of Plant Protein

    7 Surprising Sources of Plant Protein

    A 2018 study has determined that 5% of people in the states are vegetarian, that’s roughly 4.3 million people. With a growing favor in a vegetarian diet, it is imperative that we are aware of the abundance of plant foods that offer high protein sources. Protein is an important factor for muscle growth, tissue repair and recovery from strength training or any form of exercise. Protein is made up of amino acids— there are 20 amino acids needed for good health. Our bodies naturally produce 11 out of the 20 amino acids and the other nine need to come from our food. These essential amino acids are found in a wide variety of foods that have biological benefits too. ....

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  • Healthy Halloween Dessert Recipes You Will Actually Want To Eat

    Fall is here, which of course means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all right around the corner! Now, if you’re someone like us who loves sweet treats, but also wants to stay on track with their nutrition… the holidays can certainly be a bit of a challenge.. There are so many temptations being put in front of our face – especially around Halloween! This entire holiday is essentially dedicated to dressing up and eating candy. We love candy probably just as much as you, but we’d prefer if there was a healthier alternative. Guess what…there are plenty of healthier alternatives… most of which are definitely not all that ....

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  • The Importance of Gut Health

    The Importance of Gut Health

    Your gut is the host to an entire microbiome of bacteria - an estimated 100 trillion of them, believe it or not! It is essential to keep those bacteria happy, healthy, and in balance for your wellness. It affects everything from your digestion, mood, energy, aches and pains, and even brain function. Ever heard of the saying “listen to your gut”? It has been known for centuries that our gut and well-being are connected. Science is finally beginning to uncover just how connected the two are. Those trillions of microorganisms living in your gut break down everything you eat. This provides your body with fuel to function properly, gives you necessary nutrients, ....

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  • How Your Body Shape Changes with Age

    How Your Body Shape Changes with Age

    This piece was written by Jill Corleone, RD and medically reviewed by Tyra Tennyson Francis, MD from website verywell fit. This website provides health and wellness information by health professionals launched in 2016. How Your Body Shape Changes with Age: "Although it is normal to want to slow down the aging process as much as we can, aging is a normal and inevitable part of life. But as long as you know what to expect—as well as how to address some of the changes you will face—you can age gracefully. While you can’t stop the years from whizzing by, you can take steps to minimize how aging affects your body. Knowing what’s normal can help you create a lifestyle ....

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  • How Your Blood Sugar Impacts How You Feel and How to Stabilize It

    Blood sugar spikes and drops can result in a slew of less than ideal symptoms. If you’re wondering whether or not your blood sugar levels are balanced, keep reading! Do you find yourself craving more sugary or starchy foods? Are you feeling lethargic or experiencing brain fog, headaches, dizziness, or hunger more often than you’d like? These symptoms may be the result of imbalanced blood sugar levels. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of blood sugar; what it is and how you can stabilize your levels to sustain your energy and feel satiated throughout the day! HOW DOES BLOOD SUGAR WORK? Before we talk about stabilizing blood sugar, it’s ....

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  • Make The Most Out of Every Workout with This FREE Guide!

    Make The Most Out of Every Workout with This FREE Guide!

    Did you know that one of the MOST OVERLOOKED aspects of true success in your workouts happens BEFORE you even do a single rep. Question: What is it? Answer: It’s what you do to PREPARE for your workouts. We just published a brand-new guide to help you get the BEST results from all your efforts. It’s called: The Ultimate Pre-Workout Guide Get your copy (our FREE gift to you!) here: https://recouppersonaltraining.com/theultimatepreworkoutg... This guide covers the basics – from pre-workout meals/drinks and your warmup. And then it goes even further, outlining everything from planning ahead, to mindset work, to ....

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