Celebrate Small Wins!


Celebrate Small Wins!

No one wants to hear this, but…

 Making major changes in your health and fitness takes time.

That means you probably won’t see results as quickly as you want to. 

It also means that if you’re serious about achieving your goals, you HAVE to find a way to enjoy the process.

Easiest way to do that? Make a BIG deal out of your small wins along the way! 

We are serious…

Your pants fit a little looser? Celebrate! 

Have more energy when you wake up in the morning? Celebrate!

Jog a mile without stopping? Celebrate!

Let’s go even smaller…

We have a daily checklist of simple tasks that will help Reboot your life. These tasks will not only help your health, but also start a routine of good habits.

Download our FREE checklist today and read about how these tasks are beneficial in more ways than one.

These milestones might seem insignificant, but they’re key for keeping you going.

And bonus, when you take the time to acknowledge your wins, you build self-confidence and self-efficacy (knowing that you can do hard things!).

So how do you celebrate your small wins? 

Well, they should align with your mission. For example, rocking a big ice cream sundae every time you hit a weight loss milestone would work against your goal.

But some things that will help? 

  • Give yourself a social shoutout! Make a quick post about your journey and talk about your accomplishments and what you’ve learned. You never know who you might inspire!
  • Take a little “you” time. How about a massage or picking up a new book?
  • Get yourself a new outfit or some workout clothes. This can also be a big self-esteem booster.
  • New gear! Grab a cushiony new yoga mat, some resistance bands, a kettlebell, or a pair of sneakers.

It might be a little weird to celebrate yourself at first, but trust us it’s worth it!