Jennifer D, Huntington Beach, CA

Jennifer Completely Changed Her Body Composition!


My progress since I joined Recoup Personal Training…

Down 29 pounds, lost 13.5% body fat and over 21 inches total!

What a difference proper nutrition and exercise will have on the body.

Never did I think I’d change the way I eat or exercise on a daily basis. I still eat the foods I love, just in a modified version. My workouts are challenging but the payoff is how much I thrive from them, how good I feel, how strong I am getting and how much energy I have for the rest of the day.

I have learned a lot with the right training and guidance, and I could not have done this without the support of the Recoup family.

I see these results not only on myself but with others who have joined the program. Matt, Stevie and Bo make showing up to the gym easy and comfortable and give me the encouragement and accountability I need to keep me going. They have been a huge contribution to my success and definitely deserve some recognition! Thank you!

Jennifer D,

Huntington Beach, CA