Jim B, Costa Mesa, CA

Jim has lost, 30lbs, 9% body fat and is feeling more energized than ever!


"I’ve been with Recoup since it opened, and I’ve done the KickStart program a couple of times before with some success. But 2020 was just too much. I comfort-fooded myself all the way up to 230 lbs., and it showed. So after completing another Kick Start last January, I decided to give the Life program a try, as I saw that it had worked for others.

On the program, I was able to eat the foods I enjoy (within limits, of course) and not feel hungry, which makes it a very sustainable program. And it has given me the tools to make healthy choices that fit into my lifestyle.

So far, with Bo’s expert guidance and encouragement I have managed to lose 32 lbs and over 6.5 inches off my waist and gained a new wardrobe. And with Matt cracking the training whip, I’ve improved my overall strength and posture.

I’m still amazed at the differences between the before and the after. Big things, like being able to run faster and longer. And little things, like not getting out of breath from bending over to tie my shoes (seriously!) or getting into and out of my better half’s little sports car…

Thanks to the Recoup family, I am finally reaching my fitness and health goals. Trust the science!”

Jim B,

Costa Mesa, CA