Vanessa N, Huntington Beach, CA

Vanessa has lost, 30lbs, 9% body fat and is feeling more energized than ever!


When I first started at RECOUP, I will admit I was nervous. I had tried to take control of my health in the past and it never stuck. I now realize what I was missing and that is the knowledge and support I get from the RECOUP team!

The coaches provided me the education needed to set me up for continued success on the nutrition plan. I am eating cleaner, more balanced meals. Since it is not a restrictive diet, it is sustainable and enjoyable!

Training in the studio with Matt and Bo has been something I have come to look forward to! I honestly never would have thought I would enjoy going to the gym. The individual attention I am given is just what I needed. They have taught me how to safely and effectively work out by showing me proper techniques. The virtual sessions with Stevi and Bo kick my butt and I love that I can tune into a recorded session whenever is convenient for me.

Another thing I love about RECOUP is the whole RECOUP family! They are the most supportive and caring group of people and are always there to cheer each other on, share tips and keep me accountable on my lifestyle goals!

I am so grateful for everyone here and I am excited to continue my journey. I am no longer TRYING to live a healthier lifestyle, I AM living a healthier lifestyle

Vanessa N,

Huntington Beach, CA