Could You Afford to Show Up and Not See Results?


Could You Afford to Show Up and Not See Results?

Like the title says, could you afford to go to the gym every single week for the next year and NOT see results?

Forget about the time commitment, or even the financial commitment of that.  Could you mentally afford that?

Maybe you know a person who has shown up week after week, or even year after year.. yet still looks exactly the same.

Why is that?  Is that person not working hard enough?  

What if they’re already going 3x per week.  Do they (or you) need to go SIX times a week to change? 

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told of this person or witnessed this person so painfully strive to change but seemingly not.. AT ALL.

Committing to your health amidst all else is HARD.  But not seeing results and staying committed is even HARDER.

Stop aimlessly showing up and start seeing results by hiring a professional.

Here’s a few things to consider when hiring a trainer:

Thinking “more expensive” automatically means “better results.”

Cost is not the right metric. VALUE is the right metric!

Depending on your goals and the results you’re after

  • $30 per session might be overpaying for a crap trainer who gives you a generic workout and doesn’t care about you.
  • $100 per session might be a STEAL if it’s an amazing trainer that gets to know your life and your personality, motivates you in the way you need to be motivated, and helps you get past a plateau when you stall.

That’s why determining your very specific “get in shape” goals is critical when hiring a personal trainer.

If you’re looking to do 5 sessions to improve your powerlifting technique, that’s different than hiring a trainer to be with you in person 3x a week to get you to the gym.


You’re not just paying for an hour of somebody’s time.

You’re paying for their years of experience, schooling, training, and their expertise.

You’re paying to outsource ALL of your fitness questions to somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Somebody who gives you the confidence you’re training correctly.

We have been a part of hundreds (if not thousands) of our OC neighbor’s transformations over the last decade and we’ve set major goals to continue serving Costa Mesa and changing lives.  

If the person we have described above is you or someone you know, please reach out to us via call/text at 714-262-4003 to discuss what you’ve been doing and why it’s simply not working for you.

Whether we begin working together or not, we will offer our honest and humble opinion as to the path of least resistance towards your life transformation.

To Your Health,

Mattison, Stevie & Bo

Owners, RECOUP Personal Training