Delicious Healthy Chili Recipe


Delicious Healthy Chili Recipe

First, click the button to download this crazy delicious Chili recipe – courtesy of our partners at Balanced Habits. Enjoy!

DOWNLOADSecond, It’s January 2020!… a fresh beginning to a new year. Two decades in and the internet still hasn’t crashed and burned like they said would happen New Year’s Eve 2000! Haha… Seriously though, how insane that we’re 20 years into this new millennium. 

As far as health, it’s difficult to believe that with as much knowledge as we have, this might be the unhealthiest our population has ever been. How has this happened? Why has obesity become this millennium’s plague? How we can solve this crisis. Does it personally affect you? 

In our opinion, we’re not so certain food really is the problem. It’s definitely a symptom, but we believe there are deeper reasons why we have an obesity crisis occurring. That’s why we don’t spend a bunch of our time talking about how eating “this” specific food will improve your life. If only it were as simple as eating “this vs. that”. 

Unbalanced behaviors, habits, relationships, emotions, perceptions, and misinformation is what we feel is at the root of the crisis we are in, in 2020. We will always educate you with making better choices regarding food, however we aim to inspire you in other ways as well. 

That’s why our company’s mission is “to help our community feel confident in their bodies, move pain free and change their lives forever”. It is our goal to realign mindsets, behaviors, habits, and perceptions of how food and exercising affects the body by providing personal training and customized nutrition”. We believe people are ready to learn why what they choose to eat affects them; their energy levels, sleep, emotions, outlook, physical well-being, and of course how they look. Education provides empowerment and develops confidence, both of which are essential to growth and change. Food is not the enemy. 

Together, let’s make this the best year of your life; a year that you triumph over unbalanced behaviors and develop into a strong and confident action taker that makes choices supporting a healthier and more vibrant version of YOU! 

Let’s do this!

Matt, Stevie, Bo and our partners at Balanced Habits