Does Coffee Make You Feel More Energized?

Does Coffee Make You Feel More Energized?

We often get asked this question from our coffee lovers… “does coffee make you feel more energized?” And the answer is yes.. but there is a caveat. Coffee can also make you more tired later. We are going to lay out the 3 main reasons why coffee can lower your energy levels.

Reason #1: Caffeine blocks a chemical that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. 

Because caffeine is structurally similar to adenosine, found in our brains, caffeine binds to the adenosine receptors. 

In doing so, caffeine not only blocks adenosine’s ability to slow nerve cell activity, but it actually increases nerve activity, leaving us feeling stimulated, more alert, energetic, and occasionally with coffee jitters. 

In theory, it sounds great! But the reality is the buildup of adenosine in your brain can’t be received because it is being blocked by caffeine. This results in feelings of fatigue once the caffeine wears off.

Reason #2: It can make you dehydrated. 

Caffeine is considered a mild diuretic, which causes your kidneys to flush extra sodium and water from the body through urine. When you urinate more often by drinking large amounts of caffeine, your fluid and electrolyte levels may be thrown off balance. 

Caffeinated beverages will accelerate dehydration by promoting fluid loss. Being even a little dehydrated (just by 1%-3%) can make you feel tired. 

If you drink caffeine-rich drinks, make sure you also drink water to replenish your fluids. 

Reason #3: Adding sugar can raise your blood sugar levels.

It might sound obvious, but adding sugar to your coffee can quickly raise your blood sugar levels. 

This will lead to a major sugar “crash” (if you’ve ever had kids, you know what we’re talking about) because your body processes sugar much faster than it does with caffeine. 


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