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Down 17lbs, 10% Body Fat, 6.5in in Her Waist!


Down 17lbs, 10% Body Fat, 6.5in in Her Waist!

Wow! This is a 6 month transformation! We are so proud of our co-owner and coach Stevie and her journey!

By following our very own Balanced Habits LIFE nutrition program she lost 17 lbs, 10% body fat, 6.5 inches in her waist.

Read below about Stevie’s experience in her own words:

“I began this particular health journey back in May. It was 6 months after I had my son and I had a different perspective of my body.

I was amazed by what a woman’s body could do! To grow and birth a human was not only amazing, but miraculous! I mentally felt so powerful and I wanted my body to be a direct reflection of my mindset- strong and empowered.

So I set a date of November 22nd to meet this goal and scheduled a photo shoot to keep me accountable.

Each day I trained my body in a way that I never have – through a place of self love.

I started running because I enjoyed it. I ate proper foods to nourish, not deprive. I focused more on sleep, journaling and daily meditation. This past week I hit my goal and this picture is the culmination of this journey.

In the end I learned that it wasn’t hitting the goal that gave me the most satisfaction, but in the past 6 months the daily rituals I built for myself that are now instilled. I have a new sense of self that’s more compassionate, self loving and connected. This by far has been my favorite health journey!” – Stevie


You must be thinking….

Rabbit diets? Nope, healthy eating with family friendly recipes and no crash diets or low calorie plans.

Hours of cardio and strength training in the gym each day? Nope, just being consistent with her hour long workouts (like all of our clients do) and extra 2 – 3 mile runs with baby Cooper because she loves it.

Pills…? Nope, just hard work and following a proven plan.

Her sleep, energy and strength all improved – All HUGE wins in a time like this.

We have two spots open for the month of December. Contact us now if you want to join the program and start living a better and healthier life! We would love to guide you every step of the way!

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