“Halfway Point” (Assessment Inside)


“Halfway Point” (Assessment Inside)

So… we’re about halfway through 2024 — can you believe it?

For us, that means it’s time to ask ourselves some big questions…

Questions that help us reflect, refocus, and get excited about the rest of the year.

And we hope they’ll do the same for you.

Here are some of the insightful questions we ask ourselves:

  1. What are you grateful for right now?  Start your journal with gratitude to shift your mindset from a negative to positive one. 
  2. What big goals did you set for 2024 — and how is your progress going?  Be honest with yourself. Maybe, you feel like you haven’t really fully committed to your goal and haven’t gotten anywhere. It’s better to be realistic with yourself so you know where you need to start.
  1. How balanced is your “Wheel of Life”? Rank yourself 1-10 in the following categories: Health, Spiritual, Work/Career, Family, Financial, Personal Growth/Mindset, and Relationships. What needs more attention? 
  1. What’s going well? And what’s not going well? Make sure you journal about why it is and isn’t going well. It’s important to solidify the reason(s) so you can make adjustments. 
  1. What do you want most for the next 6 months?  We want to get EXCITED about our future and where we’re headed! Do you need to update your goals? What’s going to get you excited and make you feel fulfilled?
  1. What needs to happen to make sure that what you want most in the next 6 months comes to life? Take some time to really think about this. Write all of it down. The more detailed you can be, the clearer your goal becomes. 

If you are reading this blog right now, you probably have a few extra minutes on your hands to grab a notebook and journal about each question above. Remember, this is YOUR life. And you have the power to take control of it whenever you want! 

Chances are, you’ll be surprised at what you uncover… and come away with some fresh energy to build on your momentum over the next six months!

And if doubling down on your fitness and nutrition goals is on your list, let’s talk. 

By the end of the year, we can help you go from unwanted weight gains, loss of energy, lack of self confidence, typical body aches and pains to body fat loss, muscle gain, abundance of energy, confidence, and reduced amounts of aches and pains without wasting time or money, following fad diets, and searching endlessly on the internet only to find yourself more confused than ever. 

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Committed to Your Success,

The Recoup Team