How To Handle Social Ressures While Losing Fat


How To Handle Social Ressures While Losing Fat

Have you ever tried to lose the weight and fell off because of peer pressure and the lifestyle choices of your friends or family? Have you been the only person not indulging in that chocolate cake or sugary cocktail that left you feeling isolated and socially anxious?

If you answered yes to either, keep reading.

4 Tips To Avoid Peer Pressure

1) Be prepared

A key component of maintaining your goals is planning ahead of time. Figure out your environment, who will be there, and what your options are (food wise). If you are going out, look at the menu ahead of time- if it’s not conducive to your goals, ask your friends if you can go somewhere else that supports your goals.

2) Eat Before You Go

If you are ever in doubt of where you are going, what might be offered there, or who you will be with, just eat before you go. This will help avoid feelings of temptations and pressure to eat unhealthy options.

3) Let Them Know Ahead of Time

Be honest to others about your goals. It’s as simple as telling your friends and family “I am working towards losing weight and have been really good about it, so I would appreciate it if you can support me tonight”. If they truly care about you, they will accept this and support you along your journey. Avoid people who don’t want to see you succeed.

4) Focus On Positive Outcomes

When people begin to question you, try responding with a positive outcome you want to achieve. E.g. Willpower- “I am really working on improving my willpower.” In that way you are focusing on an outcome over a blanket statement. If you tell them you are trying to lose weight, you will likely experience the common response: “Oh stop! You don’t need to lose anything.”

Strategies To Avoid Alcohol

1) Bring your own Ingredients

If you’re at a house party, concoct your own non-alcoholic creation using sparkling water and some lime to fool people in thinking there is alcohol in there!

2) Slowly empty the drink

If you are holding onto a drink, try and “milk” it. Chances are if the drink is empty, friends and peers are going to pressure you into getting another. Sip slowly on the drink all night so friends or peers don’t pester you.

3) Focus On The Outcome

Tell people the truth about not wanting to drink and that it doesn’t align with your nutrition goals. Learn to become comfortable saying no to pressure- your friends and family should accept your eating habits and decision not to drink.

Why Do People Sabotage Your Goals?

Some people might have started this journey before and failed to accomplish what they see you successfully achieving. Some people may just be insecure and resistant to change. This person will do whatever they can to bring you down and discourage you so they feel better about themselves.

How Do You Navigate These Feelings?

Next time someone tries to bring you down while you’re doing something to better yourself, think: could they be feeling disappointed in their own inability to say no to peer pressure? Could they be feeling guilty for not being able to succeed in their own weight loss or personal goals? What helps in these situations is surrounding yourself with a social network who share your goals, mindset and values around bettering yourself to live an overall healthier lifestyle. The ones who truly care about you will understand that you’re pursuing a positive change in your life.

THE SECRET: Determine your WHY. Why do you want to lose the weight? Don’t give some generic answer that you won’t stick to. Get specific with yourself so you have an exact reason why you have set these nutrition goals for yourself.  

As fitness professionals, we’ve heard people blindly state, “I want to become healthier.” countless times. We take it a step further to help that individual find out their why because EVERYONE has one. Being able to determine your why allows you to dig deeper and stay motivated at its core. Could it be that you want to be able to play with your grandkids without having to worry about injuries? Maybe you want to get off your medication? Or live long enough to enjoy the rest of your life that you’ve worked so far for? Our free consultations help people just like you get clarity on what inspires you to change. And then we create a plan of action to do it in record time.

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