Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.


Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.

You walked a little today, got your heart rate up, lifted some weights, ate differently, then tomorrow morning you wake up and look in the mirror… and see the same as you did the day before. You have to be pretty well along the path to see any significant results.  So what keeps you going?  

Will power!  Right??  You just need more will power…

Eh, we have a hard time with this one.  For a lot of people, will power ends up with the creation of some reward and punishment system.  “If I don’t drink a drop of alcohol until Thanksgiving, I’ll be able to….”  Sound familiar? 

You want to change?  Then you need to get behind the most powerful force there is for change.  You need TIME.

“Position your daily actions so time is working for instead of against you.  Because time will either promote you or expose you.” -The Slight Edge

Know that if you stay on the right path long enough you’ll get the result you seek.  It’s not a question of your mood, or your will power.  It’s a question of simply knowing.

Time is your best friend.  So you know now that if you stick to your path then your results will come.

Back in the day it was perfectly okay to plant, cultivate, and finally harvest.

Yet today, we want to go directly from plant to harvest.  

The step we keep over looking is the step of cultivating.  Is the step of actually APPRECIATING your efforts and the journey.  

In a world filled with instant coffee, instant breakfast, instant credit, instant news, and instant information, we have come close to losing touch with reality and expecting instant LIFE.

It’s quite interesting how this has become such an issue for many to come to terms with these days.  

We plant the seed by joining the gym, and then get frustrated when a few days or a week goes by and there’s not a fitness harvest. 

You must come to terms with appreciating the cultivation of your body, of your life, and know that no matter what, that time will pass anyways.

We’ve said it before.  Determine your WHY.  Why are you doing this? Why is it important.  And why THIS TIME will you succeed? And then, the right choices you make today, compounded over time will take you there.