The Art of Effortless Decision Making


The Art of Effortless Decision Making

How often throughout the day are you faced with decision making? If you really think about it, you come across decisions all day long. So why do some decisions feel overwhelming while others come effortlessly? That’s because some are so automatic that it takes little to no brain power to make that decision. These are the simple tasks that we complete everyday: brushing our teeth, washing our face, taking vitamins, drinking coffee, etc. 

What if we told you that you could learn how to create more effective decision making in your life? What would that mean to you? Would that create more happiness in your life? Would that reduce your stress? 

Because the stress and delays that come with indecision are much more detrimental to your life than deciding to make a decision. 

So what gets us stuck in indecision? 


Fear of making the wrong decision. 

Fear of judgment from your peers. 

Fear of not being validated by others. 

We’d rather put it off than letting ourselves sit in fear. 

“More is lost by indecision than wrong decisions. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. It will steal you blind.” 

– Cicero 

By becoming aware of this fear, you can begin to let go of it. It all starts off with having a healthy mindset about being able to choose what you want. 

  1. Choose from the heart vs. overthinking. 

Ask yourself what your heart wants in your situation. For example: do you want to go work out or spend some time reading your new book – the great thing about this is there is no right answer! Choosing from the heart is trusting that it’s okay to actually want what you want. 

  1. Trust vs. wasting brain cycles. 

We’ve seen this over and over again. Someone spends so much time and energy thinking things through, and then some more… only to worry that their decision wasn’t the right one. What if we could free ourselves from overthinking and worrying just by trusting in ourselves? 

  1. Learning vs. getting it “right” 

A lot of the time we get stuck in indecision because we want to make the right decision, but you can’t know what the right decision is. In fact, there might not even be a right decision. What if instead you made a decision and used it as a learning process? This learning approach frees us up from having to get it right, and allows for it to be an empowering process. 

Start off practicing with day-to-day decisions, until you develop and trust in yourself more for those bigger decisions. Ask yourself questions like: 

What should I work on next? 

Do I want a burger or salad? 

How should I respond to this email? 

With each decision, notice if you are getting caught up in overthinking, and see if you can practice from the heart. 

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