The Best Way to Exercise Self-Control is to Not Exercise it at All


The Best Way to Exercise Self-Control is to Not Exercise it at All

Research shows that self-control failures are a frequent and common occurrence of everyday life (Why are those cookies in the break room?).  

And, if we’re giving in to temptation (despite our best efforts), it means we need to strengthen our willpower “muscle,” right?   

Not exactly. 

Although the willpower muscle theory (first proposed by psychologist Roy Baumeister) has become popular, it’s not that simple. Research has shown that you can improve your “self-control” stamina. However, you’re still likely to fail when faced with multiple temptations throughout the day.   

That’s why the best way to improve your self-control is to stop using self-control. 

Confused? It’s all about exploring ways you can proactively reduce temptation throughout the day, instead of trying to overpower it. 

For example, what are the biggest temptations in your kitchen or workplace? In the short-term (and maybe long-term), remove them completely. It might seem like a pain or tough, at first, but it will make your days less stressful and your self-control more powerful.

We know what you might be thinking: “I can’t remove all temptations.” And, you’re right. In those situations use what’s called a “system-based strategy”. These are ways to redirect your focus when your self-control is taxed. 

One of our favorite system-based strategies is “distraction”. When tempted, turn your attention to something you’re passionate about (could be a book, a walk, really anything) and the new focus can help the temptation pass.

We hope this blog post helps you on your journey to better health and an improved quality of life. 

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Make it a GREAT day! 

Bo, Matt & Stevie