The Gift You Could Give Yourself This Holiday Season


The Gift You Could Give Yourself This Holiday Season

With Christmas being right around the corner..

We have a serious question for you today: What are you getting YOURSELF this year?

We all had huge epiphanies in our lives that led us to where we are today.

Do you ever get in the car and start daydreaming about all the things you’d like to accomplish one day…

BUT not until you pay off your student loans, buy a home, lose 20 pounds on your own, and the list goes on.

That’s when it hit us.

We’ve been telling ourselves the same things for years.

And never following through.

That’s when a mindset shift happened in all of us..

We got rid of the narrative that we had to EARN our happiness before we began working on ourselves – and let ourselves rejoice in what we’ve already achieved!

That’s when we decided it’s time to take charge of our own fate and begin working on ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Once we gave ourselves that permission, it was surprisingly EASY to take actionable steps towards our goals.

We love this quote that says, “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own mind” — Charles Revson

In other words, all it takes is CHOOSING.


What is the ONE INTANGIBLE GIFT that you can CHOOSE to give yourself this holiday — starting right now — that will add the most value to your life?

It might not be the same as ours. But it should be something that makes you feel confident, content, and relieved.

If you are looking to become a healthier, happier version of yourself then you are in the right place, at the right time.

On January 13th, we will be hosting our KICKSTART program that delves into the basics of proper nutrition to aid the lifestyle you desire as well as the opportunity to work with our experts on functional strength training.

If you would like more information, please visit our page here. Alternatively, you can reach us at 714.262.4003. We look forward to helping you give back to YOURSELF!

Make it an amazing day!