What Motivates You?


What Motivates You?

Quick question for you today…

Which motivates you more:

  • Running toward something you want
  • Running away from something you want to escape 

There is no wrong answer! But it’s worth thinking about, because…

Most of us choose to go after things we do want. 

But working to overcome things we DON’T want can also be a powerful motivator.

David Goggins, a bestselling author, motivational speaker, endurance athlete, former Navy SEAL, and world record holder talks about what drives him to succeed in whatever he sets his mind to. 

To our surprise, it’s not setting goals on things he desires but instead on the consequences of NOT working towards his goals. 

He explains what he is talking about by getting personal:

  • He was an overweight kid and out of shape. It made him feel insecure, embarrassed, and isolated. 
  • School didn’t come easy to David. He struggled in his classes and it made him feel stupid, not good enough, and a failure. 

So now, he uses those feelings to keep pushing himself forward. Knowing that he would NEVER want to slip back into that mindset. 

It’s not about the reward or chasing “good” feelings, as it is about avoiding the consequences of his poor actions. 

You see, we all have control over our OWN actions. And this can either set our ship straight or sink it. It’s your choice, really. 

Do you have anything you’d like to overcome, not only in 2024, but in life? 

It’s good to think about because most of us are motivated by a mix of both.

The fact is, your motivation might change from day to day!

This is why it’s so important to keep working on your mindset, the same way you do all the other aspects of your fitness and health.

And that is something we pride ourselves on here at Recoup Personal Training. Our job to you is to transform not only your physical fitness but also your mental fitness. It’s with great importance that we learn what led you to us today so we can assist you through this amazing journey. Our KICKSTART program gives you the accountability and encouragement from a group of seasoned professionals to help you overcome whatever has stopped you in the past. 

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