When you’re “BAD” because you plan to be “GOOD”


When you’re “BAD” because you plan to be “GOOD”

Ever been in this situation before? 

You decide it’s time to finally (re)start a healthy lifestyle, so you pick a date to begin. You’ve got it all planned out: You’ll work out, eat better, drink more water, go to bed early, and do all the things.

And before the big day gets here, you make sure you eat ALL your favorite foods … 

Because you’re not going to be “allowed” to eat them once your new routine kicks in.

And you DO eat them. Because… yum.

There’s a name for that: Last Supper-ing.

And there are TWO BIG REASONS why it gets in the way of your results. 

FIRST, just on a practical basis, loading up on all your favorites can lead to weight gain, pushing you even farther from your goals — before you even get a chance to work on them.

But SECOND (and even more importantly), this kind of thinking cements an all-or-nothing attitude towards food.

That’s when you label some foods as “good” and others as “bad” — and it can make it almost impossible to stick with your routine because it’s not sustainable in the long term.

Example: what if your favorite food is pizza, and suddenly you 1) can’t have pizza and 2) try not to think about pizza. 

The first thing you do is immediately start thinking about PIZZA, are we right? 

And then you start craving it.

A better approach: finding a solution that works for you long-term and that actually INCLUDES your favorite foods (in moderation), so nothing is ever completely “off-limits.”

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Why the 4 week Kickstart?

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If you’ve ever felt lost in a crowded gym, unseen in a vast sea of members, or simply desiring a more personal, holistic approach to health, then Recoup is where you belong. 

We get it.

Taking that initial step towards transformation can feel daunting. Many of our most successful members once stood exactly where you are right now – on the cusp of making a life-altering decision. 

And today?

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Committed to your success,

The Recoup Team